Our software solutions help distributors and transporters give their clients the safe, reliable, efficient and consistent service they deserve and should expect — and frankly, aren’t getting without us. We’re pretty much Mission Control for cannabis companies.
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Zachary Williams

Co-Founder & President

Zach is one of those rare people who thinks businesses should behave ethically, build processes thoughtfully, and grow and thrive responsibly. With a background in supply chain logistics and software solutions, Zach helps businesses scale quickly, earn market share and become the envy of their competitors. Because of Zach’s insights and counsel, businesses have found golden opportunities in former pain points and bottlenecks. His sense of pragmatism, and his refreshing, bold approach to the business of cannabis, have earned him featured coverage on the MJ Bulls/Raising Cannabis Capital Podcast, in The Journal Record and in industry publications around the world.

MJ Bulls Podcast

featuring Zach Williams

Adam Belusko

Strategy/Design Lead

Adam isn’t much for small talk. He likes to get to the point. A designer of intuitive software solutions for use in the cannabis industry, Adam is all about efficiency. He works with early adopters to define and design the features and functions that help businesses scale. He cares a lot about safety, transparency and accountability, in life and in the solutions he creates and supports. He’s a frequent speaker on supply chain management, logistics and data management, at events including the Cannabis Capital Convention in Amsterdam and other Cannabis Summits.

Adam Belusko - Presenter

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We care about our communities – it’s a big part of why we’re cannabis advocates in the first place. We support nonprofit organizations focused on mental health and family counseling, in communities everywhere we serve.

Think your nonprofit fits what we’re passionate about? Contact us and let’s talk. Maybe we can help.