This Software Support and Maintenance Policy (“Support Policy”) describes the policies and procedures under which CGS Oklahoma LLC, Inc. (“CGS Oklahoma LLC”) provides Enterprise support services (“Support and Maintenance Services”) for its Desktop and Server software product(s) and Cloud Services (“Software”) to its customers (each, a “Licensee”). Support and Maintenance Services are provided for the Software pursuant to the separate license agreement under which Licensee has purchased Support and Maintenance Services (“Software License Agreement”) and are subject to the terms and conditions of that Software License Agreement and the terms of this Support Policy. Support and Maintenance Services are provided for the term specified herein, or for the period otherwise specified in the Software License Agreement. Support and Maintenance Services are provided through CGS Oklahoma LLC’s online web-based support portal. This Support Policy sets forth expectations for Support between the Licensee and CGS Oklahoma LLC’s support organization.



  • Contact: means qualified named person, knowledgeable in the CGS Oklahoma LLC tool, and is a proficient user of the Software. Licensees are expected to make every effort to ensure that the individuals that are designated as authorized contacts are qualified and trained to support their Licensee teams internally.
  • Documentation: means any supporting product help and technical specifications documentation provided by CGS Oklahoma LLC.
  • Evaluation Versions: means any Software provided on a no charge or evaluation basis.
  • Incident: means each individual issue where the Software is not conforming to the functionality defined in the Documentation as reported to CGS Oklahoma LLC tech support by a Contact.
  • Licensee: means the customer who is the contracting party to the Software License Agreement and is defined in such agreement, but limited to, Client, Customer, or by company name.
  • Maintenance Releases: means commercially released code corrections, patches, and updates of the Software as designated by a change in the number to the right of the second decimal in the version number. For example 2.1.1 is a Maintenance Release of 2.1.0
  • Major Releases: means commercially released major new releases, modifications or enhancements to the Software as designated by a change in the number to the left of the decimal in the version number. Major Releases are normally identified by the number prior to the first decimal point.
  • Minor Releases: are normally identified by the number immediately following the first decimal point. For example, 2.1 is a Minor Release of 2.0.
  • Production Environment: is the Licensee’s Authorized System as defined in the Software License Agreement put into operation for use by End Users with live data.
  • Software License Agreement: means the signed contractual terms which the Software is licensed under. CGS Oklahoma LLC – Customer Support & Maintenance Policy v1.6 (June 22, 2015) Page –


A. What Support and Maintenance Services Include: If Licensee is current on its payment for its Support and Maintenance Services, CGS Oklahoma LLC shall provide Licensee with Support and Maintenance Services consisting of the following:

  • web-based submissions of Incidents submitted by the named contacts for the company;
  • Major Releases, Minor Releases, and Maintenance Releases of the Software;
  • an online knowledge base of information, called Support Center that supplements the Documentation; • a community support forum where Licensees, partners, and other users of CGS Oklahoma LLC’s software products can share information and ideas about how to use the software product;
  • access to an online secure site that contains license keys, existing support cases, and latest product downloads;


B. What Support and Maintenance Services Exclude The following are excluded from CGS Oklahoma LLC’s Support and Maintenance Services obligations:

  • Software that is used on or in conjunction with hardware or software other than as specified in the applicable Documentation;
  • Altered or modified Software;
  • Defects in the Software due to accident, hardware malfunction, abuse or improper use;
  • Any version of the Software for which Support and Maintenance Services have been discontinued by CGS Oklahoma LLC;
  • Training, customization, integration and any issues arising from non-standard usage of the Software;
  • Any on-site services or remote access services (unless CGS Oklahoma LLC requests remote access to assist CGS Oklahoma LLC in understanding an issue).
  • Assistance in developing User-specific customizations;
  • Assistance with installation or configuration of hardware, including computers, hard drives, networks or printers;
  • Assistance with non-CGS Oklahoma LLC products, services or technologies, including implementation, administration or use of third-party enabling technologies such as databases, computer networks or communications systems;


C. Software Versions Covered.
Supported Versions: CGS Oklahoma LLC will provide Support and Maintenance Services only for the Software products specified in this Support Policy or as specified at the time of purchase. CGS Oklahoma LLC’s Support and Maintenance Services obligations do not cover hardware, operating systems, networks, or third-party software.


Platforms Supported: CGS Oklahoma LLC supports use of the Software only on the platforms specified in the Product technical specification supplied by CGS Oklahoma LLC with the Software (the “Supported Platforms”). CGS Oklahoma LLC – Customer Support & Maintenance Policy v1.6 (June 22, 2015) Page – 3



Licensee can obtain Support and Maintenance Services by reporting Incidents to CGS Oklahoma LLC. Incidents are tracked from initial report through final resolution through the online portal at http://CGS Oklahoma (“Support Portal”).


A. Submitting Incidents • Who May Submit Incidents: Only designated Contacts as defined in the Software License Agreement are authorized to submit Incidents.

  • How to Submit Incidents; All incidents are to be submitted through the online portal located at http://support.CGS Oklahoma (“Support Portal”).
  • How to Report an Incident: In order to log and track the resolution of Incidents, CGS Oklahoma LLC expects that Licensee will make every attempt possible to:
    • Verify that the Incident is reproducible on the Supported Platforms for the Software (as applicable).
    • Provide information necessary to help CGS Oklahoma LLC track, prioritize, reproduce, or investigate the Incident, such as: Licensee name and organization.
    • Provide a full description of the issue and expected results.
    • Categorize issues under “Question Type”.
    • List steps to reproduce the issue and relevant data.
    • Provide exact wording of all issue-related error messages.


B. Support Response and Incident Resolution – CGS Oklahoma LLC Incident Response Procedures: For each Incident reported by Licensee in accordance with these procedures, CGS Oklahoma LLC shall:

  • Confirm receipt of the reported Incident within the response time as listed below in section
    Support Type / Days / Time
    Email: [email protected] / Monday – Friday / 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM Central
    Phone: 405.471.3920 / Monday – Friday / 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM Central
    Chat: / Monday – Friday / 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM Central