"GO GO CANNA has been an integral part of our rapid growth in Oklahoma. The software solutions their team provides enable us to manage customer communications through automatic notifications as well as, routing our drivers all over the state, something we do every day."

Tactical Transportation was the 2nd licensed transporter in the state of Oklahoma. Since the veteran-owned company launched in 2019, it has emerged as the premier transportation company in the state. As a GO GO CANNAFLO user since day 1, Tactical Transportation has grown to the largest transporter of cannabis products and related currency in the state, which continues to be one of the hottest markets in the United States. Today, Tactical Transportation provides services to more than 1000 dispensaries on a monthly basis, facilitating millions of dollars of product.

Tactical Transportation

"The support we receive from the GO GO CANNA team helps us focus on expanding our services while protecting our clients’ product and currency. Our drivers are committed to ensuring safe delivery and cash transport, with GO GO CANNAFLO, our customers know where their product is at all times."

TSS utilizes the GO GO CANNAFLO logistics solution to provide live tracking, routing and driver management for cannabis product and cash transfers across Oklahoma & Missouri. Launching in 2021, TSS has grown to become a trusted source for secure and compliant cannabis-related transportation services.

Transportation & Security Specialists

“We consider GO GO Canna both a critical tool and an essential partner in our operations and efforts. They’re as serious about our success as we areand the software gives us a major advantage over our competition because we’reable to automate so much of the sales process.With them, we get to focus on promoting our brands, building customer relationships, and expanding our reach.”


Jon Walker | CEO

OK Top Shelf Supply