We're the leading driver of logistics, transport, and delivery in the cannabis industry.

Tactical Transportation

"GO GO Canna has been an integral part of our rapid growth in Oklahoma. The software solutions their team provides enable us to manage customer communications through automatic notifications as well as, routing our drivers all over the state, something we do every day."

Distribution and Transportation Partners

If cannabis is important to you,
then we are, too.

The GO GO Canna ecosystem gets cannabis where it needs to go. Our software tools automate and manage the behind-the-scenes stuff so:

farmers can grow, infusers can infuse, dispensaries can sell, and customers can buy.

  • Mobile and Desktop Logistics App
  • Route Optimization
  • Realtime Fleet Monitoring
  • Automated Compliant Manifesting
  • Automated Notifications (SMS Texts/Emails)
  • In-App Communications
  • ETA Module
  • Access to Go Go Cannabiz Brands
  • Drivers stay on-course, accept tasks, take pictures, capture signatures, and send manifests as needed.
  • Your entire company stays on the same page.
  • Route Optimization helps drivers manage multiple concurrent deliveries, with optimizations to help determine the most cost-effective route for handling their tasks. (The typical cannabis transporter spends hours using other online mapping apps that aren’t always up to date.)
  • Real-Time Fleet Tracking helps you locate drivers, not just vehicles.
  • Automated Compliant Manifesting takes away the tedious effort required to manually build a very critical piece of your business. And since all required info has to be input before tasks and routes can be generated, and can’t be cleared until drivers get sign-off from buyers, there’s accountability on all sides. (Most cannabis transport companies are wasting hours doing this manually or at best using workarounds that require multiple programs and allow for more mistakes.)
  • Give the buyer or receiver an accurate timeline for the drop and set expectations, something your competitors can’t and don’t do.
  • Access the Brands & Distributors section within the Go Go Cannabiz ecosystem, allowing drivers to pick up new routes and tasks from brands or retailers they may not even service yet. We’ll buy you a beer if you can show us another app that offers this.
Peace of Mind
  • Conduct your business from anywhere.
  • Make your drivers’ jobs much easier.
  • Save time and money with the help of software that does the hard parts of the job for you.
  • Look really freaking smart in front of your clients. (That’s really enough, isn’t it? Kidding…)
  • Mobile and Desktop Ordering App – GO GO CANNABIZ
  • Automatic & Seamless Order flow between GO GO Apps
  • Sales CRM with real-time sales data
  • Automated Notifications (SMS Texts/Emails)
  • Automated Compliant Manifesting
  • In-App Communications
  • Distributors have a dynamic platform that allows customers to easily shop product catalogs and order on their phone, from anywhere in the world and at any time.
  • Sales teams have a big advantage by being able to conduct sales calls and take orders wherever and whenever.
  • Distributors using the GO GO Cannabiz full suite of apps have the advantage of seeing all sales orders flowing seamlessly into the GO GO Cannaflo logistics app for transport and delivery. (Everything else in cannabis logistics accomplishes these tasks separately.)
  • Aggregated real-time, line-of-sight-to-sales data with custom reports.
  • Built-in CRM makes managing accounts simple, while giving the distributor direct line-of-sight to their sales team activity.
  • Automated Notifications like SMS texts and emails eliminate time-wasting follow-up calls and manual
Peace of Mind
  • Conduct your business from anywhere.
  • Easily manage orders, inventory and expectations.
  • Save time and money with the help of software that does the hard parts of the job for you.
  • Look really freaking smart in front of your clients. (That’s really enough, isn’t it? Kidding…)
  • Mobile and Desktop
  • eCommerce Solution
  • Easily Manage Product Catalogs
  • Inventory Level Drawdown
  • Automated Invoicing
  • Cashless Payment Integration
  • Access to GO GO CANNAFLO
  • Transportation Partners
  • Launch you own dedicated eCommerce solution to accept orders online without paying an arm and a leg to the “big marketplaces”
  • Keep your customer buying data to yourself instead of contributing to your own detriment
  • Run product promotions for your buyers on your own terms
  • Provide your buyers with your unique product listing
  • No paid advertising means, you don’t have to shell out more money just to get noticed
  • Cost effective eCommerce solution allows you to spend your advertising dollars more effectively
  • Cashless payment options provide a safe and secure transaction for your buyers
Peace of Mind
  • Safe and secure cannabis eCommerce made easy
  • Developed specifically for emerging cannabis brands
  • Automated client communication throughout the order process
  • Customers want a buying experience that is direct and to the point. Isn’t that what you want to offer?